How Cultural Gender Conflict and Expectations Can Affect Your Wellbeing
My experience as a counsellor in Hounslow, Richmond, Ealing, and online, I speak to many first- and second-generation women who grew up in Britain in South Asian families, who unsurprising felt that the needs of fathers, brothers, uncles and male cousins were always prioritised over their own. Often, seen and not heard, these women were […]
How Spirituality Can Lead To More Positive Thinking
For a lot of people, any mention of ‘spirituality’ can make them tune out and lose interest. Often, spirituality is confused with being religious, but these are two quite different things. While religion is generally a practice of connecting to a particular entity, spirituality is essentially about reconnecting with our authentic self - the person […]
How Culture Influences Our Belief Systems
Working as a counsellor and life coach in Hounslow, Richmond, Ealing, and online, I see how every client brings something different to the therapeutic space. No individual is the same; we all interpret the world in our own unique way. Our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving is influenced by a combination of past experiences […]

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